NuCoat North America, LLC  Booth No: AH24


  • VL 2400 Series: 1-Component, High Performance, Water-based coatings for Windows and Doors that meet AAMA 615-20
  • SF100- 1K primer for aluminum
  • VL 3000- 100% UV coatings, fully automated system for high volume extruders

Company introduction

NuCoat is a coatings provider, accommodating unique demands and needs of its industrial clients. It offers high-quality water-based products focused on performance, with a concentration on the building industry and various applications. Equally important, NuCoat provides reliable fulfillment and logistical services, delivering product to clients across North America, consistently on time. NuCoat’s coatings are one-component, user-friendly, and meet the most aggressive performance standards.  With labor shortages only getting worse, NuCoat products process in manual and automatic operations with full performance and coverage in the first application. One-component, water-based systems create little to no waste, less mistakes, and less risk for field issues. NuCoat has specialized in this industry for over 10 years and has accumulated significant know-how that is shared day in and day out with clients. Customer service is a critical element of their offering. Technical support, hands-on product training, assistance with application technologies and ad hoc problem solving complete the overall product and service proposition.