HEGLA Corporation  Booth number: C05

Website: www.hegla.com

Introduction of the company:

Founded in 1976, Hegla has grown into a leading manufacturer of glass processing equipment from Annealed & Laminated Glass Cutting tables to fully Automated Loading, Stacking, Cutting & Breakout, Sorting systems, Accumulators, Rotators and Conveying systems.

Our Primary Customer Base includes; Float Glass Manufacturers, Fabricators, Laminators, Window companies and Specialty Glass Processors serving multiple markets such as Residential, Commercial, Technical Glass, Solar, among others.

We are also a full service robotics integrator to provide complete & flexible solutions for most any application. To find out more about Hegla, please visit us at www.hegla.com.


Automation Equipment for glass processing & fabrications plants including, Float & Laminated Glass Cutting Tables, Automatic Breakout, Loading & Stacking Systems, Sorting Systems, AGV’s, Automated Remnant Management Systems, Accumulators, Rotators, In-Ground Turntables, Flippers, Conveyors, Laser Marking & Printing, Robotic Handling Systems, Software (ERP, MES, Optimization and full plant integration