Uz Glass, is the only professional Expo for flat glass, hollow glass, and doors and windows industry in Middle Asia. Our goal is to make the expo to be the largest Glass, and Window industry expo in the area.

Exhibitors will gather from around the world including Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, China, etc. Since 2019, we have kept on adding value to Glasstech brand and have maintained our network reach, many of our previous and existing exhibitors are actively planning to participate in our show in Uzibek.

The Co-Expo Doors Windows & Aluminum Expo Uzbekistan, is important plat for for doors and windows sppliers. To meet global suppliers and Central Asia buyers!

The expo is solely focuses on the industry, and invites professional visitors only. Our visitors are not only from middle Asia, but also from the whole world.

It is a professional plat form for world wide suppliers to meet all local buyers!

The 1st edition will take place on Nov.27-29 at Uz Expo Center.

Find more details in our brochure:


2024 Uz Window Aluminum Brochure

We are looking forward to meet more supplier and professional visitors in the future!

Organized by:

Y T International Enterprise Inc.